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13 Startup Acronyms Every Wantrepreneur Must Know

13 Startup Acronyms Every Wantrepreneur Must Know

You’re a wantrepreneur. You dream of being an entrepreneur and starting your own business, but you’re still in the “want” stage and not the “doing” stage. You have the idea, or in my case many ideas, but you don’t know where to start.

The first thing you find when you begin research life as an entrepreneur is that everyone is talking in acronyms! Keeping track of all these new terms is frustrating, but it’s a must if you hope to enter that world.

I’ve created this list of 13 startup acronyms and their definitions to help you along your journey. It will help you understand the world of a startup founder and the acronyms and definitions they use. This list can be used for all types of businesses, but as always, I am focusing on tech startups.

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