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Ten IFTTT Recipes to Improve Your Life

Ten IFTTT Recipes to Improve Your Life

IFTTT (If This, Then That) is a new app, and if you’ve used it already, you know how fun it is. If you haven’t had the pleasure yet, here are ten IFTTT recipes to get you started.

IFTTT creates connections between other apps. It’s great because it helps you improve the benefits and usefulness of your favorite apps.

I first started using IFTTT in conjunction with Evernote and enjoyed it so much I began looking for more ways to make my favorite apps work for me.

To create a connection with IFTTT you need to make a “Recipe.”

There are two types of Recipes; DO’s and IF’s.

DO’s are Recipes that enable you to create your own action button. This is usually an interaction from one app to another with a tap of a button on your smartphone. For example, when you press a DO button, a text is sent to your wife telling her that you’re on your way home.

IF’s are Recipes created to work in the background and automate a task between two apps. For example, IF you post (THIS) a new article to your WordPress blog THEN it will automatically post (THAT) to your Facebook page.

Here are ten of my favorite IFTTT Recipes…

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Mobile Apps for Business

Mobile Apps for Business

Can companies go completely mobile and ditch desktop apps?

Lately I’ve been wondering if a company can transition to mobile apps and lose the desktop platforms. Besides convenience, a major impact to using mobile apps is reducing technology costs.

I wanted to identify the common mobile apps businesses need in order to be successful. The following are examples of mobile apps currently available on the Android, Apple and Microsoft mobile platforms. I used these three platforms strictly because they have the largest market share and have the best chance of meeting business operations needs.

For the sake of this article I am classifying desktop application as an application that is installed on a PC or Mac and not a web-based application. I am defining a mobile app as an app you download and install on your smartphone and tablet.

The purpose of this suggested scenario is to offer a different perspective on typical operations for a business. Through this analysis I offer a different opinion on how technology can transform a business; how a business owner can run their business while on the go.

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