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Kevo; Continuing My Quest for Accessing Everything via My Smartphone

Kevo; Continuing My Quest for Accessing Everything via My Smartphone

Today I’m reviewing Kevo by Kwikset. I purchased my Kevo and have been using it for about a year. In this review I will go through the experience of installing, configuring and using the Kevo. For those of you who are interested in a keyless entry system for your home or are interested in new technology for the home, this review may help you.

I’m a minimalist at heart. I’m always looking for ways to reduce things I carry, stuff I own and even my hair styles. When I came across the Kevo Smart Lock I immediately read the reviews and did my research.

As I’ve mentioned before, you should always read reviews and after I read the reviews, I felt confident that it a good buy and bought my Kevo on Amazon. Once purchased, I couldn’t wait to use it and I felt like a kid on Christmas waiting for it.

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