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Germ.io – Not Just a Project Management Tool

Germ.io – Not Just a Project Management Tool

Germ.io is a powerful project management (PM) tool that goes beyond your typical PM application. In this article I will go through Germ.io and provide you with screenshots of the user interface. I will also attempt to illustrate how easy it is to use and introduce you to the built-in templates developed by the Germ.io team.

Project Management and the Entrepreneur

Any entrepreneur will tell you that project management is a necessity. No matter the size of your project, you must stay organized. If you’re developing something very complex, you will need to build in small deliverables as you go. The key to any project is planning. You have to plan your project before you can build it.

There are a large number of project management tools available to entrepreneurs. Microsoft Project is probably the best known project management tool on the market. However, it’s expensive and you’ll need to hire a project manager who knows the system inside and out. Germ.io has removed the complexity and developed a project management tool that is very easy to use.

I came across Germ.io while on Reddit. I love project management tools and the power they bring to any project. (I once took an intensive week long project management course for fun!) The difference between Germ.io and other project management tools is that Germ.io is based on your ideas and not tasks. After reading the Reddit post I immediately went to Germ.io and signed up. My first impression of the system was FINALLY. Finally a project management tool that’s easy to use and still powerful enough to organize my projects.

How Germ.io Works

Typically a project plan is a step by step guide to completing a project. Germ.io uses the term flow for this. Flows are your plan on how to bring an idea to fruition. Once you create an account you can either create a flow from scratch or use one of their flow templates.

There are a few Germ.io terms you should know before we go any further:

  • Flow = the plan to complete the project.
  • Germ = are cards that reside in the flow that detail each step of the plan.
  • State = is the status of the germ (ideation, actionable, completed, not taken)

When you select ‘Add Flow’ you are given an option to ‘Create a Blank Flow’ or use a ‘Flow Template.’

Germ.io has four template catagories.

  1. The Startup Suite has a combination of templates geared towards startups, such as the start up template and the roadmap planner kit.
  2. The Marketing category templates can be used to plan out your SEO campaign or grow your business using Growth Hacking Ideas.
  3. The Product Management category has a road map flow and even a flow to build your app’s manual.
  4. The Casual category has fun flows, such as the wedding planning flow and the flow to help you write a book.

My first flow was done using the ‘Blank Flow,’ but I got inspiration by reviewing the SEO flow template. Anytime you’re stuck, you can use the templates to help organize your thoughts and ideas before starting your own blank flow.

I created a flow titled Increase Twitter Followers because I want to generate more traffic to Odd Opinions using Twitter.

In my Increase Twitter Followers flow I can share and collaborate with others. I have created eight germs within this flow. My first germ is the overall goal that I want to accomplish with this flow.

I have expanded the germ for a better look and to elaborate on my idea. In the expanded view there is a section to add additional information and content. I have the state of the germ as an Ideation. Since my germ is an Ideation, there are no Actionables waiting to be completed, yet.

The four states of a germ are Ideation, Actionable, Completed and Not Taken.

As you can see, my flow is a basic, but it has allowed me to put my thoughts down and dive deeper into them with sub-germs. In total, there are eight germs in my flow. I have updated my germs and now have 7 Actionable items for this flow. You can also see that I have completed a couple of germs for this flow too.

As you can see from the screenshots, the Germ.io team has done a phenominal job on the UI/UX of the system. Germ.io has a clean interface that is easy to navigate and user friendly. They truly have taken the complexity out of project management.

The collaboration power within the app is spot on. Your discussions are saved and can be referenced later if needed. I really think Germ.io has hit this one out of the park. The more templates that get added over time will add to the power of the app even more.

What project management tools do you use? I encourage you to sign up for Germ.io and provide me with your feedback. Germ.io is a great addition to the project management toolset. I like it so much that I’m switching from Microsoft Project to Germ.io. What about you?

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