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My new project, Learn Planning

My new project, Learn Planning

I talk a lot about startups and entrepreneurs on Odd Opinions. The idea of creating a business from idea to product has excited and intrigued me for years. Deciding on a project to tackle has not been easy though. Ideas are easy, it’s finding an idea that I’m passionate about, qualified to do and won’t cost a lot of money that is hard. My ideas are big, my budget is small.

The first thing I looked at was my resume. What do I know? What am I good at? How can I take those things and turn them into a project that will fulfill and excite me? One thing I’m really good at is developing strategic plans.

I have developed 5-year strategic plans for public health, healthcare and retail organizations and I’ve created strategic plans for my Information Technology departments’ based off of the organization’s strategic plan. Whether it is a 5-year plan or even a short 1-year plan, I enjoyed the process each and every time.

I really like strategic plans and firmly believe they are an important instrument in a business’s success. But I know that most people think strategic plans are confusing, boring, and hard, which is how I came up with my new project – Learn Planning.

Learn Planning will be an online experience that will teach small, medium and startup companies how to develop their own strategic plan. My goal is to create comprehensive online courses that take the complexity out of creating a strategic plan.

The courses will be designed to remove the complexity of strategic planning. At the end of the courses you’ll know how to your own strategic plan without having to hire an expensive consultant.

  • 100% Online Access
  • Lifetime 24/7 Access
  • Templates
  • Discussion Forum

I’ve broken down the development of Learn Planning into goals to keep me on track and motivated.

Goal One – The Landing Page

I’ve developed a landing page for www.learnplanning.com to generate some buzz around the project. For those interested in the course, you can sign up for email updates to find out how the project is progressing. There is a little bit of information there; please be sure to check it out.

Goal Two – The Training Platform

Goal two is all about creating a training platform and it’s going to be a big milestone for the project. Instead of utilizing an existing platform like Teachable or Udemy, I am going to develop my own learning management solution. My plan is to use a Code4Startup to develop my own training platform.  Having my own training platform will keep my costs down and I really wanted the experience of developing something from the ground up.

Goal Three – Course Material

I will develop the course to include videos and templates that my students can use to follow along. While it’s labeled as goal three, I started the development of this phase first. The course is the most important phase of them all. Simply put without it I have nothing to bring to the online training market.

Goal Four – Marketing

I will develop a marketing plan that will include social media and networking. I will create a social media calendar to track and schedule my posts. I will also write articles on my blog documenting the development of the project and the importance of strategic planning. I will use Google+, Facebook and Twitter to help get the word out and continue to update my email list of potential customers.

Goal Five – Pricing

Goal five is all about pricing structure. Based on my research, determining a good pricing structure can be stressful. I want my pricing structure to be “fair but equitable” and that will give me room for growth.

Growth Plan – Offering Options

Once the online courses are up and running, I plan to offer additional options to my customers. The following are the additional goals that will be developed for new products and services:

  • Offer a “lite” version of the course for small startups.
  • Create new courses for developing marketing plans, business plans, etc.
  • Provide analysis of your strategic plans.
  • Provide consulting for customers who don’t have the time or staff to create a strategic plan themselves.

I am excited about the Learn Planning project and I hope when it’s ready you will find value in it. Please check out my landing page and sign up for notifications on my progress. As I said before, if you want your business to grow do it through value driven planning.

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