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Top 12 Most Influential Techie Blogs

Top 12 Most Influential Techie Blogs

I’m a techie blog junkie. On average I read five to 10 articles a day from a wide variety of tech blogs. My bookmarks have folders within folders of saved blogs and websites I like; not to mention my Evernote is full of saved articles.

In today’s article I’m sharing with you what I think are the 12 most influential techie blogs. The term blog is going to be stretched a little because a couple of the sites are not technically blogs, but they are full of techie goodness anyway.



TechCrunch is a global blog that discusses latest techie trends, VC’s, tech news and a ton more. Over the years I’ve read TechCrunch, they have covered all things Apple, Google, Android, Microsoft and more. Not only do they provide great insight on technology and the business behind it, but they also provide insight on smaller startups as well. TechCrunch is a well rounded and fully comprehensive techie blog with loads of information.


Product Hunt

Product Hunt is a site that introduces new technology; from software, hardware, services and more. Ryan Hoover, the founder of Product Hunt, began this tech blog in November of 2013 as an email list and eventually grew it into the great techie blog it is today. The blog provides information on new technology, allowing readers to either upvote or downvote the article. They recently added a new category for Games that enables everyone to review new and upcoming games. Product Hunt has built a large community around its blog, which builds on its already large following.



Tech.co is based out of Las Vegas, NV and provides insight on all things technology. If you go to their About page you will see they are a media company and events organization for techie startups. Tech.co was originally TechCocktail, founded in Chicago by both Frank Gruber and Eric Olsen in 2006. But after a few years, Eric moved on and in 2010 Frank partnered with Jen Consalvo. Tech.co holds events all over the world. In the coming months they will be holding events for their Startup of the Year throughout the country. They also provide product reviews, updates to product launches, acquisitions and more.



C|Net is a monster technology review media blog. They provide article and video reviews on a huge variety of products. Their focus is mainly on technology, but they have a comprehensive library of technology reviews, software downloads, new, articles and more. C|Net is my first stop whenever I want to buy a new product because it helps me make a more informed decision.



Engadget is a techie blog dedicated to providing news and reviews on gadgets and new technology. I love going to this site because I can see new gadgets that are coming out that I have never heard of. Engadget is also a great site for guides, gaming and videos. They have a large library of information and the articles they provide are well written.



Wired is a techie blog developed for covering current and future technology trends. This is one of two sites I go to when I want to read up on running a technology focused business. Wired is quite simply, one of the best known techie blogs available today. It’s a well rounded and fully comprehensive website that will educate you on running a business and teach you what it takes to be successful. They have a perfect blend of technology news and reviews, politics, business, design and more.



Lifehacker is a daily blog about software and shortcuts to improve your personal productivity. I really enjoy the simple hacks used to make your life easier. For example, on Lifehacker I found an article on how to banish fridge funk with a cotton ball and vanilla extract. These are the quirky but fun hacks you can find along with a plethora of technology hacks. It’s a very fun site.


Huffington Post Tech

The Huffington Post has been around for a long time and have built quite the community around. Huffpost Tech provides the consumer with the latest tech industry news. I follow Huffpost Tech on my Twitter feed and I consistently get links to great articles concerning upcoming technology trends and the latest technology news.



Techspot is another blog that provides reviews, downloads and more. One of the reasons I frequent Techspot is due to the solid content and articles they create. I like the details and in-depth analysis they provide and have several of their articles clipped in my growing Evernote library.



Gizmag is another comprehensive review techie blog. What I like most about Gizmag though is they always have crazy and fun reviews on products other blogs have missed. Their articles are well written and provide in depth analysis. I really enjoy Gizmag.



CIO is a great blog for people that love technology and/or are in the IT field. Hundreds of articles on news, how to’s, videos, security and a whole lot more. CIO is a fantastic resource for IT leaders and also a great educational resource for anyone in the tech industry.


Launch Feed

Launch Feed is a great blog for all things tech. From products in beta to production and everything in between. Launch Feed correlates feeds from sites like Product Hunt, Kickstarter, Ycombinator, Beta List, and Startup List. It’s a great site to find new products that are available very early on in the development process and the products are vetted thoroughly. This site has a wide variety of information and is a great read.

All of these techie blogs fulfill my tech resource and reading needs, but I always enjoy finding others. If you have a site or 12 that you would like to share. let me know in the comments. There’s always room in my bookmarks.

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