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Three Must Listen to Startup Podcasts

Three Must Listen to Startup Podcasts

I’m a podcast junkie. I especially like startup podcasts and listen to them all the time. I’ve even been known to sit in my car in the driveway because I’m unable to tear myself away from the podcast.

I recently scaled down the number of startup podcasts I listen to from seven to three. Sadly, there just is not enough time in the day for me to listen to my favorite startup podcasts, work, train and write. Not to mention have a bit of a social life.

I can’t begin to tell you how many podcasts I listened to before I settled on seven, so scaling down to three was tough. I came up with the following criteria to help me determine which startup podcasts to stick with:

  • The startup podcasts are enjoyable to listen to and informative.
  • The podcasts focus on the creation of a small business startups.
  • The podcast hosts are in the startup community, not just talking about it.
  • The hosts share their experiences, both good and bad, about starting a company.
  • The podcasts are influential and well respected in the startup community.
  • The quality of each startup podcast is top notch.

Here are the three tech startup podcasts that made the cut:


Startup Podcasts - MixergyThe first startup podcast I’m going to discuss is Mixergy. This podcast is very thorough and the host, Andrew Warner, does his homework on each interviewee.

The topics for each podcast revolve around startups and their founder stories.

Andrew puts a human face on the company by finding out about the founder(s) and what experiences they went through to become successful.

Andrew doesn’t focus only on the positive, but talks about the struggles of starting your own company.

This isn’t a podcast show on how to become a bazillionaire, but more about how you can develop something. Mixergy provides the knowledge and tools for a startup to be successful.

Episode 1198 How Dan Caldwell grew TapouT from nothing to $100,000,000 in revenue is one of my favorites. Both Andrew and Dan discuss the TapouT origin story and how Dan and his partners grew it with some help from MMA fighting.

The reason this story was so compelling, was that Andrew didn’t begin the interview when Dan began TapouT, but when Dan first was hired as a DJ in high school, without having an ounce of experience.

They touch on Dan’s early life as an entrepreneur, his career as a police office and the lightbulb moment when he and his partners came up with the idea for his t-shirt company.

The origin story was great but also heartbreaking when Dan discussed the loss of one of his partners due to a drunk driver. The emotion that was coming through was powerful; you can tell it’s a difficult topic for Dan to discuss.

This interview was powerful and great to listen to.

I am currently working on a backlog of episodes and am enjoying them thoroughly. This is definitely one startup podcast show not to miss.

Tropical MBA

Startup Podcasts Tropical MBAThe second startup podcast I’m going to talk about is Tropical MBA. This podcast is another fantastic podcast show that educates their audience on developing a business.

The philosophy of the Tropical MBA podcast is having a location independent business.

The podcast is hosted by Dan and Ian and they both have the experience that matters.

Dan and Ian discuss a wide variety of topics that relate to starting and operating a business, with an emphasis on location independent businesses.

Dan and Ian both have successes and failures under their belt and are not afraid to talk about them.

I recently listened to episode 303 7 Things to Consider When Selling Your Business. This was a great episode to listen to. I really enjoyed the discussions on the business aspect and how it was tied to them and their personal lives.

The formula that Dan and Ian have with regards to the podcast and developing a location independent business is fantastic.

Both Dan and Ian discussed how emotional the decision was to sell and how their emotions impacted the selling process.

I’m going back and listening to past episodes of the Tropical MBA startup podcast show because everything I’ve listened to so far has be very informative.

I highly recommend you check out Tropical MBA for the business education, humor and inspiration. There is value in what they are discussing and you can use it for your business.

Startups for the Rest of Us

Startup Podcasts - Startups for the Rest of UsStartups for the Rest of Us is by far my favorite startup podcast! It’s an amazing podcast that covers everything it takes to develop a small tech startup.

Startups for the Rest of Us emphasises small business. They start with small ideas, such as a WordPress plugin or stand-alone app and eventually work up to stair-stepping your way to developing a software-as-a-service (SaaS app).

This startup podcast is hosted by Mike Taber and Rob Walling. Both Mike and Rob have their own independent startups and a joint venture called MicroConf.

Mike and Rob are well known and respected in the startup community. Mike is known for his startup Audit Shark and Rob is known for his startups Hittail and GetDrip.

However, they both have other ventures they work on and are widely respected for their knowledge and willingness to help budding entrepreneurs.

I am new to the startup community and stumbled onto their podcast so I would have something to listen to on my long drives to Las Vegas.

I recall starting with episode 121 Seven Catastrophically Common Launch Mistakes and was hooked.

Since then I have gone through almost all of their episodes and have listened to some of my favorite episodes multiple times.

In fact, I can credit Mike and Rob for leading me to both Mixergy and Tropical MBA podcasts.

The format for the Startups for the Rest of Us podcast is how to start a small tech business and stay small. Through this idea a founder can make changes to their business easier and quicker than larger tech corporations.

Mike and Rob mix their experiences with the topic of the podcasts, which brings great insight and knowledge to their listeners. I really get the most value from them when they discuss the ups and downs with their own startups. I find myself rooting for them to succeed based only on their experiences.

These two bring the perfect blend of humor and indepth knowledge for any startup founder. I have almost gone through their entire library of podcast episodes and continue to listen as they come out with new ones. If you are looking to get into a small tech startup then you must listen to Startups for the Rest of Us.

Mixery, Tropical MBA and Startups for the Rest of Us startup podcasts offer the listener value, knowledge and humor. You can tell these hosts know their stuff and are more than happy to share in their experiences. I encourage you to check them out; you won’t be disappointed.

If you have a podcast show that you think should make the list or want to share be sure to let me know in the comments.

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