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Mobile Apps for Business

Mobile Apps for Business

Can companies go completely mobile and ditch desktop apps?

Lately I’ve been wondering if a company can transition to mobile apps and lose the desktop platforms. Besides convenience, a major impact to using mobile apps is reducing technology costs.

I wanted to identify the common mobile apps businesses need in order to be successful. The following are examples of mobile apps currently available on the Android, Apple and Microsoft mobile platforms. I used these three platforms strictly because they have the largest market share and have the best chance of meeting business operations needs.

For the sake of this article I am classifying desktop application as an application that is installed on a PC or Mac and not a web-based application. I am defining a mobile app as an app you download and install on your smartphone and tablet.

The purpose of this suggested scenario is to offer a different perspective on typical operations for a business. Through this analysis I offer a different opinion on how technology can transform a business; how a business owner can run their business while on the go.

Productivity Apps

If a company were to move away from the desktop version of Microsoft Office what are their options? Well, as you are most certainly aware, there are both mobile and web-based versions of Microsoft Office.

Another major player in this area is Google with Google Apps. I have used both and must admit that I enjoy them both. I am most familiar with Microsoft Office. However, Google Apps for Work is another great product I’ve tried and could easily use for work on a fulltime basis.

Apple has iWork, which includes Pages, Numbers and Keynote. I have downloaded all three of these examples and used them for a variety of projects.

Your company could easily move to mobile versions of productivity apps as long as your level of operational complexity is light.

Taking your business mobile.Human Resources Apps

Human Resources needs are vital and mandatory. ADP has a long standing history of HR solutions and if you’re an existing customer they have mobile solutions for HR.

Workday for iPad is another HR solution that has a fully robust system that a company could use for HR activities.

Not all of the mobile apps for Human Resources are covered by just one mobile app alone. However, I am comfortable in saying that depending on the company’s HR needs there’s an app for that.

Finance Apps

In researching mobile finance apps I found several that included everything a typical Finance department needs.

SAP is a well known and very solid Enterprise Resource Planner, which is a fancy way of saying Finance, Inventory and HR systems all-in-one. SAP has a mobile solution called SAP Mobile One and this provides for all of your ERP needs. However, you can also mix and match your mobile business finance apps needs.

Xero is a solid mobile app solution for reconciliation, invoicing, expense claims and more. Freshbooks and Quickbooks are competitors of Xero. All of these mobile apps provide similar functions and features.

Storage Apps

Besides productivity apps, storage mobile apps are an easier conversion from desktop apps. A business needs to have storage for their files, photos, videos and more and the mobile platform is already in place.

Google Drive is an excellent companion for Google Apps. My experience with Google products has been positive due to its clean user interface and easy to use product.

Both Box and Dropbox have easy to use storage and have free options that an end user can increase for free over time.

Amazon has recently jumped into the storage market with Amazon Cloud Drive. These are just a few of the many options companies have with regards to file storage.

Can your company ditch the desktop and transition to mobile apps?Summary

These are but a few examples of mobile apps for companies wanting to shift to a mobile platform. However, technology is just scratching the surface of possibilities of going mobile.

There are certainly more options available and a mobile app for a variety of business types. As the mobile platform continues to grow, more businesses will have options of moving towards a mobile platform.

From my experience I don’t think that either healthcare or public health can ditch the desktop platform at this time. But what about other markets? If you are a business owner or have additional feedback on this idea, let me know in the comment section. I am curious to hear how going mobile has impacted your business.

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