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3 Must Read Blogs for Entrepreneurs and Startups

3 Must Read Blogs for Entrepreneurs and Startups

Today I’m sharing three of my all time favorite blogs for entrepreneurs and anyone interested in creating something unique and new.

I’m an entrepreneur at heart and I quench my thirst for knowledge about starting my own business by reading every resource available. I like to focus my reading on techie startups and how they are doing. These three blogs offer everything a budding entrepreneur needs to know about starting a business.

I want to stress that these sites will help you understand all aspects of running a business. It’s vital that you understand how to run a business before you dive in. It can help you avoid costly mistakes that could kill your startup.

Understanding how a business should run is just as important, if not more important, than creating your product or service.


Mixergy is an awesome resource for startups or anyone thinking about starting a business. They provide online courses for just about every real-world experience/idea. The courses are taught by people who have the experience and the knowledge on that specific topic.

entrepreneur-blogsEssentially there are two sections to Mixergy: Courses and Interviews. A lot of the content in Mixergy is free, but If you sign up for the premium portion you get even more in-depth training resources.

All of the people teaching the online courses are industry leaders. Watch the interviews or courses online or download them to watch later on.

Industry leaders include the founders of Ycombinator, Wikipedia and more. The site also provides a raw transcript for you to follow along with or download for reference.

If you want tips or motivation, Mixergy is for you. Mixergy is a great resource for anyone who wants to dive into entrepreneurialism.


Entrepreneur is my other go-to blog that provides advice, education and insight for would-be entrepreneurs. Entrepreneur has an extensive amount of articles regarding technology, trademarking and copyrighting that will help the aspiring business person. Reading the broad content for budding entrepreneurs is extremely helpful when learning how to market your new product or improve your company’s morale.

A helpful feature for people in a hurry is the author’s name and expected read time for each article is listed under the article title and description.

One of my favorite sections on Entrepreneur is the Top 50 section. This section showcases stories about entrepreneurs and they are ranked by their social engagement and page views. These articles include “How a Robbery Led to an Idea.” and the current top spot of “7 Habits of Highly-Effective Entrepreneurs.” The Top 50 has a wide variety of subjects and each impact businesses in their own unique way.

Another must read section is Starting a Business. Anyone who is even thinking about starting a business should do their homework and read this section. It’s divided into helpful subsections, such as Naming Your Business, Business Planning and Startup Financing. The Startup Financing is especially helpful, as getting money to start your new business can be complex and confusing.

Entrepreneur has all the information you need to learn how to create and sustain a business. Each section is thorough and comprehensive with examples and interviews from business leaders in a wide range of industries. If you have questions about a business or want to learn more about running a business, Entrepreneur is a great resource.


Inc. is another business centered blog that provides information about running a business. Don’t have enough knowledge on marketing, they have that. How about information regarding startups and their needs? They have that too.

entrepreneur-startup-blogsIf you’re a budding entrepreneur then the Startup section is a must read. This section is comprehensive and can help you understand funding, business plans and even how to name your business.

The Grow section of Inc. offers advice on how to grow your business further. There are articles on how to get government contracts, funding using kickstarter and much more.

Don’t miss the Sales subsection. Sales is a necessity for any business to survive and flourish. If you don’t feel comfortable with selling your product or service, I encourage you to start your reading there.

The Money section is one of my favorites. There are articles ranging from bootstrapping a business to crowdfunding and venture capitalists. Financing a business can be tricky and difficult, so it’s wise to understand all points of view when attempting to finance your business.


These three blogs are great resources for anyone thinking about starting a business. They provide great insight on the steps to take and the pitfalls to avoid when you open your business.

Mixergy, Entrepreneur and Inc. nourish my entrepreneurial spirit, but I’m always open finding others. If you have a blog, or three, that you would like to share, let me know in the comments.

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