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Quip – More Than a Productivity App

Quip – More Than a Productivity App

I want to introduce you to Quip. Quip is a new mobile productivity app for creating documents and spreadsheets. Simple as that? Not even close. With professional looking documents, spreadsheets, good organization capabilities and a killer collaboration feature Quip is more than a simple new app.

In this article I am going tell you about this awesome app and share Quip features and screenshots. **SPOILER ALERT** This app rocks! This is a powerful app and if you can get used to creating and editing documents or spreadsheets on your smartphone, say goodbye to Microsoft Office.

Let me begin by showing you how easy it is to start using Quip with a screenshot of the email signup screen. Complete the form, confirm your email address and you’re ready to go. You can also demo Quip by registering your email address. You won’t be able to share your files or chat but you can still create and edit documents.


Quip is easy to use and the design is top notch. This powerful tool enables you to develop proposals, insert a chart, image or more, right on your smartphone. It’s truly a powerful app for people on the go.


The documents are easy to use and look very professional. In fact, you’re clients will never know you wrote that proposal while sitting at your daughter’s softball game! Quip provides examples of documents for inspiration. For example, one sample document is a proposal for residential design work. They have included a picture of a house and a breakout of the fees. The fees were created on a spreadsheet and then inserted into the document. It looks very professional and you’d never know it was done on a mobile app.


These examples are another reason why I like this app. They show the fully comprehensive capabilities of the app — no desktop PC or Mac needed.

One issue I noticed is that you can’t resize an image inserted into a document from a smartphone or tablet. You can resize the image on the newly released desktop version. According to their support site they are aware of the problem and currently working on a fix.


The spreadsheet allows you create formulas, insert columns and rows, change the background colors and more. If you touch a cell you can see all of the features available to you and find the one you want. You can even change the number types within the cell, column, row and spreadsheet.


Work from Anywhere

In my article “Mobile Apps for Business,” I asked if businesses can ditch the desktop applications and go completely mobile. I believe that with more apps like Quip, that possibility is closer to reality.

Imagine not being tethered to your desk. Imagine being able to work on your project and collaborate with members of your team right from your smartphone — anywhere. Documents and spreadsheets both offer chat and collaboration features that make working on the go a snap.


You can also create folders to store and organize your files. You can share folders with your team and they’ll have access to all files within the folders. They can even create new files and place them in that same shared folder.


This collaborative feature lends to the great development work that went into Quip and the solid UI/UX that was created for the mobile platform.


The last set of features I wanted to discuss is the chat room feature. You can create your own chat rooms to discuss your files, format, content or whatever. You can create a chat room easily and quickly add people using your contacts list or by their email addresses. The chat room feature adds to the value this app brings to the market.

Quip includes a large library of keyboard shortcuts and a good search feature easily accessed by hitting the / key.

Did I forget to mention that I wrote this article on the free version of the Quip? They have three payment tiers to the app that includes more functionality and features. I was comfortable enough with the mobile app that I was able to write and edit this article with ease.

Tell me what you think about Quip. Are you ready to ditch your desktop app and go mobile?

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