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Ten IFTTT Recipes to Improve Your Life

Ten IFTTT Recipes to Improve Your Life

IFTTT (If This, Then That) is a new app, and if you’ve used it already, you know how fun it is. If you haven’t had the pleasure yet, here are ten IFTTT recipes to get you started.

IFTTT creates connections between other apps. It’s great because it helps you improve the benefits and usefulness of your favorite apps.

I first started using IFTTT in conjunction with Evernote and enjoyed it so much I began looking for more ways to make my favorite apps work for me.

To create a connection with IFTTT you need to make a “Recipe.”

There are two types of Recipes; DO’s and IF’s.

DO’s are Recipes that enable you to create your own action button. This is usually an interaction from one app to another with a tap of a button on your smartphone. For example, when you press a DO button, a text is sent to your wife telling her that you’re on your way home.

IF’s are Recipes created to work in the background and automate a task between two apps. For example, IF you post (THIS) a new article to your WordPress blog THEN it will automatically post (THAT) to your Facebook page.

Here are ten of my favorite IFTTT Recipes…

5 IFTTT IF Recipes

WordPress Facebook IF Recipe

The WordPress Facebook IF Recipe automatically uploads any new blog post to your Facebook page. This is a simple and easy Recipe.

IFTTT Recipe: Share new WordPress post to your Facebook Page connects wordpress to facebook-pages

Now I can skip a step when posting a new article, which will save me time in the long run.


WordPress Evernote IF Recipe

The WordPress Evernote IF Recipe allows the WordPress owner to archive older WordPress articles to Evernote.This is an easy and clever way of backing up your blog content. 

IFTTT Recipe: Archive WordPress posts to Evernote connects wordpress to evernote

You can be sure I’ll be using this Recipe to keep an updated archive of my Odd Opinions articles.


Instagram Evernote IF Recipe

The Instagram Evernote IF Recipe allows a user to archive their Instagram photos to an Evernote folder. Using this Recipe will allow people to use Evernote as a backup for their Instagram content.

IFTTT Recipe: Archive your Instagram photos in an Evernote notebook connects instagram to evernote

I like the idea of having my photos saved in another location, just in case something were to go wrong with my Instagram account.


iPhone Screenshots Dropbox IF Recipe

The iPhone Screenshots Dropbox IF Recipe is a great Recipe for designers, event planners, or anyone who frequently takes screenshots to save photos they find online. The Recipe will add your iPhone screenshots to your Dropbox account.

IFTTT Recipe: Add your latest iPhone screenshots to a Dropbox folder connects ios-photos to dropbox

This is a fantastic idea and helps you save space on your iPhone while still saving your screenshots. A similar Recipe enables you to save all of your photos to Dropbox. Again, this helps free up space on your iPhone and allows you to save and share your photos easily.


Email Food Diary to Fitness Partner IF Recipe

The Email Food Diary to Fitness Partner IF Recipe helps me stay accountable to myself AND my fitness partner. Knowing that my partner (or trainer) can see what I’m eating all the time will help me make better choices. Well, that’s the idea at least!

IFTTT Recipe: Email my #fooddiary pictures to my gym trainer or accountability partner #health #fitness connects instagram to gmail


5 IFTTT DO Recipes


Quick Add to Google Calendar DO Recipe

The Quick Add to Google Calendar DO Recipe is one I use all the time. To use this Recipe simply type in your task, such as, “Have lunch today at 12:00 p.m. with Barack Obama.” and IFTTT quickly adds the information into my Google calendar.

IFTTT Recipe: Quickly create events in Google Calendar connects do-note to google-calendar


Get Yourself Out of an Awkward Situation DO Recipe

The Get Yourself Out of an Awkward Situation DO Recipe is hilariously awesome! At first I laughed at the title, but after using it I realized just how brilliant it is! With a single tap of this Recipe’s button, you can send a call to your phone, which should allow you to excuse yourself from the meeting or whatever situation you’re not thrilled to be in. IFTTT Recipe: Get yourself out of an awkward situation connects do-button to phone-call


Nest DO Recipe

For those of you gadget heads out there like myself, you’ll love the Nest DO Recipe! Set your thermostat to X degrees; connect your Nest account with IFTTT and you’ll be able to change the temperature in your house quickly and with ease.

IFTTT Recipe: Set your Nest thermostat to ___° connects do-button to nest-thermostat


Post a Quick Tweet DO Recipe

The Post a Quick Tweet DO Recipe is for my fellow minimalists. This Recipe is designed for people who want to send a quick tweet with no links or media attached. Just type your message, tap the button and your tweet is sent. IFTTT Recipe: Post a quick tweet connects do-note to twitter


Evernote Add a To-Do to Your Checklist DO Recipe

Last but not least is the Evernote Add a To-Do to Your Checklist DO Recipe. Throughout the day I always have a million things to do and this Recipe helps me stay focused. It allows you to create and add tasks to your to-do list.

IFTTT Recipe: Add a to-do to your checklist connects do-note to evernote

For instance, on my to-do list I added the following steps:

  • Eat lunch
  • Take a nap
  • Wake up

A simple list I know, but it’s an example of how easy it is to create. It’s a powerful, yet easy way to keep yourself organized.

These are just a few of the Recipes available on IFTTT. I suggest experimenting with your favorite apps and see what you can do to make them work more efficiently for you.

The ease of use for these Recipes is astounding and quite amazing to use.

IFTTT is a lot of fun and I challenge you to check it out. Post your experiences and favorite Recipes in the comments section below.

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