A bit about Eddie Odd Larsen

My name is Eddie Odd Larsen, and I am a professional IT geek. Both technology and strategic planning are my passions. I created this blog to share my experiences and discuss the power of strategic planning and more. Nothing drives me more than strategic planning and the value it can bring to businesses.

I discuss ideas I have on how hacking can provide short-term results but that innovative thinking through strategic planning can change and improve the way businesses perform.

Currently, I am the Chief Operating Officer for a rural health care clinic in Southern Oregon. I believe that a good IT department does more than support the success of a business; we can help lead the way. A good IT department can improve business processes and save your company millions!

In my opinion, PARTNERSHIP is key to a successful IT department and its home organization.

While in the Navy, I was introduced to technology, and I’ve been hooked ever since. My Associates and Bachelor degrees are in Information Systems, and my Master degrees are in Business Administration and Management Information Technologies.

While I started my career as a tech, I quickly climbed the ladder into management. At first, my passion was hardware but evolved into project management and eventually into managing all aspects of technology and process improvement.

Some of the excellent organizations I have worked for include Lockheed Martin, Perot Systems, and the Southern Nevada Health District. Each one of these organizations helped me grow and evolve my skill set. I have been fortunate enough to have excellent mentors to help me develop my style of leadership and management.

Having a sense of humor has helped me in my success; if you are having fun at work, it will motivate your employees and create a more synergistic culture.

Here is a sample list of projects that I successfully managed over my career:

Did I mention I also have extensive experience with strategic planning for organizations? I worked with remarkably talented people on the preparation of the Southern Nevada Health District’s 5-year Strategic Plan. I have mapped the Clinicas strategic plan to develop the IT Strategic Plan and phased its implementation over the next several years. Just recently, I helped develop Umpqua Community Health Center’s strategic plan.

I cannot stress enough that organizations should invest in their IT teams and business process improvement. It will pay off.